KABLAMM has been involved in a vast array of projects at various levels of the development cycle from concept development, prototyping through to manufacture. Below is a selection of the projects that KABLAMM has supported right through from conception to delivery: MechRC is a partner project with Taiwanese manufacturer ‘Gadget Lab’ based on a KABLAMM concept and technology. MechRC is the most user friendly, programmable humanoid robot available to date and it is a testament to this that we are now working with educational IT giant RM to distribute MechRC to schools worldwide. Ultimate Real Robots (Eaglemoss Publications) introduced Cybot, a fully autonomous programmable robot built from parts given with the magazine. The magazine sold over 23 million copies worldwide with two other robots, TOM and Spybot following in a later series. KABLAMM were responsible for the concept development and production of the robotic and supporting components as well as providing consultancy and editorial content for the magazine itself. Interactive R2-D2 (Hasbro) This award winning little droid is bristling with sensors and packed with interactive features and artificial intelligence. By delivering a remarkable product at toy grade costs, this still leaves other interactive products standing, 7 years after its original release. Transformers Battle Card Collection (Eaglemoss Publications) Working closely with the publisher and license holder, KABLAMM provided consultancy on the Transformers brand and the concept-ualisation of the magazine content and gaming card collection. To add a dimension to the collection, KABLAMM also developed a card scanner and online gaming environment that allow readers to battle each other online.