The technology behind JR3’s core product was originally developed and patented by John Ramming (BSCE, MSME) in the early 1980’s during his graduate years at the University of California, Davis. In 1983 JR3, Inc. was founded in an effort to bring the technology to market, primarily in the fast-growing fields of robotics and industrial automation. John along with his brother Robert started the company literally out of their own kitchen. John took on the responsibilities of company President and Chief Technical Officer while Robert became Vice President and handled primarily business management duties. After working side by side for nearly ten years and helping to grow the company to as many as 40 employees, Robert left to pursue other interests. By that time the company was firmly established as a leader in the niche market of multi-axis force-torque sensing. John remained company President and continued to be the driving force behind the company’s technical advancement. In the years since, JR3 has provided thousands of sensors and ongoing support to customers around the world both directly and through our Japanese licensee, Nitta Corporation. JR3, Inc. is headquartered in Woodland, California, a small community in the heart of the Central Valley, 20 miles northwest of the state capital and 90 miles northeast of San Francisco.