JMT began making our mark in the metal fabrication world half a century ago when we established a prominent organization in 1967 marketing, selling, servicing and supporting metalworking equipment and material handling products in the Intermountain West. Wanting to offer our customers a more flexible and higher quality line of machine tools to meet their most exacting needs, we extensively researched and then approached the finest producers of metal fabrication equipment around the globe – including the world’s largest volume manufacturer of press brakes and plate rolls – to build machines to our specifications under the JMT label. Expanding outward from our western base of operations (where we maintain a 30,000 square foot training & machine demonstration showroom & warehouse), we now have dozens of qualified JMT dealers across the country, regional sales managers and service personnel to work in each section of the U.S., and we have established a complete service center and 50,000 square foot warehouse in Atlanta to better assist our customers in the Eastern United States. We are currently adding a facility in the Midwest as well.