JAY Robotics Tech. Pvt. Ltd., an innovative Robotics Training and Education Company in Chennai aims in providing robotics training to everyone, who has a wide interest in developing their own application-oriented robots.\r\n\r\n\”Innovative Learning is FUN\”​\r\n\r\nWe offer various kinds of robotics program such as\r\n\r\nSimple Botix (Specially designed for Robotics Beginners)\r\nWireless Botix (Control your Robots Wirelessly)\r\nCembed (Learn Embedded C with Arduino IDE)\r\nEmbeduino (Learn Embedded Systems with Arduino)\r\nRoboduino (Get Started to Program your Robots)\r\nFABRO – Basic (FABricating ROboticians)\r\nFABRO – Intermediate (Develop your own projects)\r\nFABRO – Advanced (Build up your robot ideas)\r\n\r\nAnd more robotics programs are in the research phase, which will be for your innovative learning as soon as possible. We have a research and development team, where we like to prove something in robotics to this World on behalf of India.\r\n\r\nApart from innovative learning, we conduct a robot competition under the name JAY ROBOTRIKZ in which the participants have to solve a robotic puzzle by keeping the terms and conditions in mind. The successful participants will be rewarded a cash prize of up to Rs.10000/- It is designed in a motto to encourage people towards innovative learning and innovative ideas.