ITALDRON srl is a Ravenna based company founded in 2008 that designs, produces and markets UAVs (Unmanned aerial vehicles), specialized in acquiring aerial images and data. Our vehicles are built to maximise efficiencies speed to deployment in total safety, even in adverse conditions. ITALDRON S.r.l. is a founder member of Assorpas (Association of Light Remoted Rpas). Our goal is to design, engineer and produce solutions to meet the needs of each individual client bringing together our vast field experience and an efficient Research and Development laboratory. ITALDRON S.r.l. rents its UAV equipped with sensors and lenses and with them supplies fully licensed, crews to meet the specific needs of the client. ITALDRON S.r.l. offers a complete creative service and is able to deliver high quality audiovisual productions including ground and aerial film shoot, edit, compositing and full post production.