We, Ishida, live some 120 years ago as Japan’s first private manufacturer of weighing equipment. As an industry pioneer, Ishida continues to work steadily to meet customer demands, and is constantly striving to be a company that contributes to society. Ishida provides effective weighing, packaging and inspecting solution for all over the world including Indonesia industry. Quick fact – Ishida Co., Ltd. Business started on: May 23, 1893 Company founded on: Oct 16, 1948 Headquarters located in: Kyoto, Japan Manufacturing facilities located in: Shiga (Japan), UK, Korea, China, and Brazil Consolidated net sales (March 2009): JPY 71,470,000,000.- Group employee (June 2013): 3604 persons Quick fact – PT. ISHIDA INDONESIA Established on: April 1st 2012 Office located in: Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Indonesia