Yinyan Model Tech is a leading design and manufacturing company of high quality brushless motors and other components for the RC model market under the registered brand name of EMAX,LOONG-MAX. Quality is our priority which is why we design, develop and produce all of our products by ourselves, ensuring total quality control at every stage in the product development and production cycle. We focus on providing a superior design and manufacturing service at a competitive cost and have a proven track record in developing outstanding RC products for an ever evolving market. We have an experienced and dedicated team of design and development engineers as well as highly trained multi lingual-customer service staff who provide a crucial link between our customers and our engineering and production team ensuring that projects and orders are delivered on time and to budget. We combine highly trained local engineers and designers with high quality manufacturing in our Chinese factory. Our engineers work on a range of projects to keep their skills and interest levels very high. Yinyan Model Tech. Ltd works to maintain an excellent relationship with our customers through communication, efficiency, quality products and competitive prices and we believe that our after-sales support will reflect this.