Interface Surgical Technologies (“IST”) was founded to establish and lead research in tele-medicine, tele-surgery, haptics, and medical simulation and training. Through the development of the Zeus® Tele-Surgical System, IST founder has shown both as proof of concept and later on through clinical implementation that Tele-Surgery is a viable solution to today’s healthcare when and where expert care is not available (Expert Care Anywhere Anytime – pg 3.). IST, together with its research institute partners is inventing technologies that would enable expert clinicians in metro clinical centers assist, guide, and teach less experienced colleagues deliver medical care in a manner never before experienced. This allows the patient to receive expert medical care while in their rural clinical setting. Expert care, reduced chance of complications, local medical staff training, all without travel, through integration of the powers of telecommunications and tele-robotics. IST founder has co-invented many of the medical robotics technologies, implemented in Computer Motion products now owned by Intuitive Surgical. More than nineteen patents are already issued in U.S. and Europe and many more are pending. IST is expanding its intellectual property portfolio and inventions in the fields of medical robotics, medical training and simulation, and haptics and tele-robotics.