Inropa provides flexible and reliable solutions for the wind energy industry worldwide. Our system is optimized for both rotor blades and turbine towers. Inropa BladePainter is a product designed specifically for painting of windmill blades. Using the 3D, the system programs the robots automatically. This means that the Inropa BladePainter adjusts the programs to the size, shape, and position of the blades. Each robot program is individually optimized to ensure a high surface quality and minimal waste of paint. The exact application of the paint means that it is possible to determine an optimal balance between sufficient surface quality and minimum consumption of paint material. The reduction in the paint material (about 30% compared to the use of manually paint) will often provide a fast Return of Investment. Our technology has been tested and is running for several paint lines worldwide. To view a list of our customer references, click here. To read more about Inropa BladePainter, download our product sheet here.