Robotic and Machine Vision as technologies and their successful impact on automobile production fascinate us. Since 1997, we supply leading automotive OEMs in Europe, Asia, North & South America with automation solutions developed to meet their needs. \r\nWe offer maximum precision with minimum cycle time to improve efficiency and quality in the production process. Our core products focus on image processing systems for robot guidance and 3D metrology applications. Our product portfolio includes moving line, stationary, robot-based and hybrid solutions. Through our ability to match the product to their needs, our customers benefit from quick response time in their quality inspection. \r\nExamples of applications are gap and flush, inline metrology, geometric verification, decking, mounting, painting and sealing. Nearly twenty years of experience in automotive production processes has proven that each automotive manufacturer faces similar challenges. These challenges can be overcome through measurement technology to achieve the highest quality and level of automation. Our highly competent team of 70 engineers, opticians, SW experts and automation technicians has developed robust solutions, based on a flexible and scalable toolkit including well-established sensor technology, patented algorithms and versatile, easy configurable SW interfaces. \r\nOur innovative solutions increase the level of quality and efficiency in production. In addition to excellent technology and utmost performance, our customers value the quick and proactive reaction time, flexibility and adaptability to new requirements as they arise. We are excited to answer your questions, provide more information and learn about your concrete requirements.