AV&R is an engineering firm specializing in automation with more than 120 employees operating worldwide. It offers automation, machine vision and robotics solutions.AV&R focuses its activities mainly in aerospace, energy, and in the manufacturing sector, which became three brands detailed hereunder.AV&R AerospaceGas Turbines’ specialist, AV&R Aerospace has a unique expertise in Robotic Finishing (profiling, polishing, deburring, blending and more), in Robotic Application of coatings, Automated Visual Inspection and in Integration Services going up to full automation of a production line.AV&R Aerospace works on gas turbine parts such as blades, vanes and blisks / IBRs for jet engines. Its clients are spread around the world. AV&R AutomationExpert in automation of manufacturing processes, AV&R Automation’s team specializes in conception of customized automated solutions, more precisely in Robotic Application (of paint, varnish, coating, etc.), Automated Assembly and Sub-assembly of components and in Robotic Finishing (cutting, polishing, deburring, etc.), including Visual Inspection.AV&R Automation offers services in integration, mechanics, automation and control to many industries such as manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, mining, food and packaging.AV&R EnergyAV&R Energy offers intelligent robotic solutions to optimize manufacturing processes and quality control of industrial gas turbine parts used in Energy, such as metal and coating polishing.AV&R Energy’s team has developed a broad range of skills to enable robots to perform complex and precise tasks that traditionally could only be performed by humans. This allows their clients to achieve high manufacturing processes repeatability at lower cost, while enhancing their operations’ precision.www.avr-global.com