Corun aimed to provide new green power for civilization and progress of human being. Power the future by us means that we are part of the promoters of human civilization. t is on behalf of our noble mission. We warmly welcome new partners and staffs who are interested in green environmental-friendly power, at the same time, we alert ourselves to maintain modest, sincere attitude and reject all pride, impulsive tendencies. We are in a technology rapid development time with globalization network, the technological superiority we had is likely to be rapid reproduced, so we must fast forward, more perfect, always remember: Drop behind one minute is possible to lose the market; Lead up one minute is possible to win the absolute advantage. Strive and seriously, do not in haste and hesitate. n the premise of not violating the organizational principles and management principles,we encourage bold innovation ,random changes ,strict but not binding, live but not lax. Respect people and nature is our core values. We maintain our dignity and rights, simultaneity let a high degree respect for our customers, our partners and our employees keeping in mind.Good cooperation relations are solid foundation for the sustainable operation,and neglecting the quality of products and services, abandoning the basic credibility are an insult to the personality of others and us. Upholding integrity traditional and abiding business ethics will help us to win the market advantage. We focus on team-building and nurturing of collaboration spirit, encourage exchange and communication. e will stand together to smash all the difficulties and problems encountered in our progress. Our goal is the global use and popularity of new green power product, never allow short-term interests hindering our attention, harming our partners and damaging our image. As long as we persist in the faith promote human civilization and progress, the name Corun will be shining all over the world and forever. We must be proud of ourselves, we must constantly upgrade our spiritual realm, we must own a powerful economic strength,so we can fulfill our mission, to realize our dream of becoming the leader of new energy industry in China.