Hitec RCD USA was founded in 1990 in Santee CA. Hitec was instrumental in offering 1991 AMA compatible receivers for all brands of radios. Hitec also offered a small line of affordable servos including the HS-101 and HS-605BB. These components also complemented a line of radios. In 2000 Hitec moved its facility to Poway CA. and offering a vast line of radio control equipment and continued to dominate the aftermarket receiver and servo market. In 2003 Hitec purchased German manufacturer Multiplex and became Hitec/Multiplex USA. The Multiplex line complements Hitec in offering high end radios (EVO) and Elapor foam models such as the EZ Star which have sold tens of thousands worldwide. Recent models like the Acro Master and Fun Jet have brought foam to a new level of performance, and with more new models to come, Multiplex continues to pioneer this market. Hitec/Multiplex USA is dedicated to providing quality affordable products to our customers with the best customer service in the business to back it up. Have a good day … fly Hitec/Multiplex!