Hangzhou Youngsun Intelligent Equipment Co.,ltd is based on Hangzhou Youngsun Machinery co., Ltd., born in 1983\r\nIn China, YOUNGSUN have 31 branches in different cities.\r\nYOUNGSUN have 9 son companies, 8 factories, floor space more than 120,000.00 square meters , 2450 regular employees\r\n\r\nOur Products include:\r\nStrapping machine , case erector , case packer, carton sealer, shrink wrapper, wrapping machine, Labeling machine , Vacuum packaging machine, filling and sealing machine ,Palletizer, Robot and all kinds of packaging production line. We also produce packaging materials , such as PP straps , LLDPF stretch film.\r\nIn end packaging industry, we are the leader in China. Many machines’ standard in China is YOUNGSUN drafted.\r\n\r\n Drafting unit of Chinese National Standard of Case Sealer , case erector and Case packer \r\nDrafting unit of Chinese National Standard of Strapping Machine and stretch wrapper\r\nDrafting unit of Chinese National Standard of Labeling Machine and Vacuum machine\r\nDesignated production enterprise of Chinese packing industry \r\nExcellent products of Chinese packing industry \r\nOccupying over 80% share of Chinese packing machinery \r\nOne of high and new tech enterprises of China Torch plan