We design special purpose solutions according to customer requirements for complex applications where the modification of our standard products does not offer a reasonable solution. We develop, manufacture and test together with you the technically and economically best solution for your individual gripper task. We provide large modern machinery for the manufacturing of your special gripper X-G. We conduct the testing in our own robot cells or test stands. Numerous solutions in various industries create the basis for new gripper systems, for which we develop according to each individual application a customized solution. After you indicated your special technical edge conditions we develop your individual special purpose gripper. In order to define and restrict your gripper task we created a form, in which we ask questions in regard to your special requirements for the gripper. Our design team uses your data as a basis for the conceptual design and the proposal preparation. Just click on the company logo of our customers to get a selection of examples of modified standard products as well as individual special purpose solutions: