Googol Technology (HK) Ltd. is the first high-tech company in Asia Pacific region specializing in R&D, production, marketing, and support of motion controllers and controller based systems. Googol Technology’s motion controllers and systems are applied in wide range of industries including semiconductor / microelectronics, plastic injection molding, and CNC machine tool. Regional application engineering expertise, strong support, cost effectiveness, and high performance set Googol Technology apart from all others. Founded in 1999 by experts in motion control and mechatronics with combined over 60 years of experience in R&D and management in UC Berkley, MIT, and Bell Lab, the company is located in entrepreneur center of Hong Kong University of Science & Technology. Googol Technology ( Shenzhen ) Ltd., the subsidiary owned by Googol HK, is located at High-Tech Industrial Park on Shenzhen, China, with the best talent and resources from many countries and Chinese mainland together, Googol SZ is a full Hedge operation with products R&D, application engineering, manufacturing and technical supports.