Goldenrod Research Corporation was founded in 1985 on these guiding principles: We believe… The instructional needs of students – not the capabilities of the latest technology – should drive the school curriculum and the technology devices chosen as learning tools. Students can more readily develop needed skills when the tools appeal to diverse learning styles. Technology tools engage students most when they are visual, aural, and tactile. Advancing technology enables more students to achieve academic success and to acquire greater mastery of needed life skills. Technology teaching tools are based on applied principles of math, science and language, incorporating academic concepts into a functioning device; they thereby demonstrate to students the utility and practical application of their schoolwork. When knowledge is made comprehensible, meaningful, and useful, students will be more active and successful learners. These beliefs are the driving force behind all of Goldenrod’s products. Goldenrod began installing its first products for tech-ed and career exploration applications in the early 1990s. However, its founders always believed that basic academic concepts, especially the process Math strands now elucidated in the Core Content Standards, were where Goldenrod’s technology tools and problem based instructional activities could make the most educational difference. The company aspired to reach more students and prepare them for STEM earlier in their school careers. Above all, regardless of their ultimate career direction, Goldenrod aspires to help all students learn to think analytically and critically and to become sophisticated problem solvers. The Company first introduced YouthTouch in 1997 to provide educators with a high tech/high touch way to teach the basics within each school’s existing curriculum. Goldenrod’s ongoing commitment to education is evidenced through their long running matching grant program. The company provides funding for at least 20 grants annually to worthy elementary/middle schools to help the school acquire a complete YouthTouch technology integration system. Goldenrod is committed to manufacturing its products in the United States and is proud to stamp Made in the USA on every item that leaves our plant in Spalding NE. The Company believes in learning best educational practices from the schools who have installed YouthTouch and sharing them among the whole YouthTouch community. Goldenrod believes the best learning does not depend on having the most money, the nicest facility or the latest gadgets. The best schools are a blend of good pedagogy, sound educational management, and caring individuals.