GIDS is a Pakistani state owned conglomerate, involved in the export and marketing of military, industrial and technological products and services. GIDS is representing a group of companies in national and International markets who are involved in research, development, delivery and support of leading edge industrial and defence system in the field of air, land, sea & security. The group consists of AERO, IDS, MSL, IICS , ATCOP , SETS, Xpert Engineering and some of their subsidiaries providing support and service solutions for current and future defence, security, and information technology systems; design, develop and manufacture a wide range of electronic systems and subsystems for both military and commercial applications. They also design, develop, produce, and provide service support of armoured combat vehicles, artillery systems and intelligent munitions. Technology and innovation are the keystones of GIDS success and competitive edge. GIDS companies invest huge amount in R&D activities making GIDS the