GEARS Educational Systems is an innovator in providing hands-on engineering products to middle schools, high schools and colleges. We have differentiated ourselves by offering very robust products using industry-grade components. Although the initial pricing may be more than our competition, GEARS products are designed and built to last for years in the classroom, resulting in better value. We only sell to educators and groups that provide engineering training or workforce development. This is our focus. Our products are used in hundreds of high schools and over 100 colleges and universities around the country. Our co-founder, Michael Bastoni, is a veteran educator that has a good idea for the needs of teachers. In mid 90’s he designed and fabricated the original version of our flagship product the “GEARS Invention and Design System”. This was used as a trainer for his students so that they would be better prepared for regional and national engineering robotic competitions. His teams were very successful and took many of the top awards. More importantly these students often went on to further their studies at engineering schools. Mark Newby has spent over twenty five years in the high tech industry as an electro-mechanical sales engineer. He worked closely with machinists, metal fabricators, printed circuit and cable assembly facilities specifying and assisting in the design of new products. Mark and Mike incorporated in 2002 in order to refine and expand the GEARS-IDS so that they could share it with the educational marketplace. It was their intent for others to have similar year-round engineering programs with all of the advantages and success that Mike and his students were experiencing in the classroom. We hope you enjoy our expanded product line which offers the most rugged mechatronic and robotic kits available to educators. There are a few other kits out there. However, we chose to raise the bar and provide educational products we feel better meet the needs of today’s technology and engineering students. If we are training the technicians and engineers of the future, why train them with toys? We pledge to keep an open platform so that students can enhance their designs by easily adding their own purchased, salvaged or fabricated components. GEARS is not a large company that manufactures overseas with a long pipeline. This allows us to quickly adapt to the needs of educators, now and in the future.