Robotic Simulation Services (RSS) by FS Studio, founded in 2018 in San Francisco, embraces the vision of furthering innovation and technology. Fusing the mastery of advanced 3D game development with years of embedded development experience has positioned us uniquely on the cutting edge of 3D Interactive Spatial Computing for Enterprise and Industry 4.0. Partnering with cutting edge robotics and sensor companies we create fully customized, high definition, Sim to Real environments and digital twins to enable and accelerate the development of intelligent machines.

RSS creates a bridge from the real-life world of industrial hardware, factories and warehouses to the digital transformation of assets, simulated environments and programming.

Specialists in spatial computing, robotics, ML and AI—building blocks of digital transformation that is the future of Industry 4.0.

Why RSS changes everything:

●  Experts in powerful physics engines and extensive suite of tools in Unity, etc.
●  Comprehensive 3D capture technology
●  Simulations that teach and learn—iterate between asset and environment

RSS has 60+ years of experience creating and developing programs to deliver the power of game engines and spatial computing to Industry 4.0.
●  Comprehensive solutions for design and planning through production, programming, predictive maintenance, testing and training.
●  Industrial adoption at scale:

○  Real time high quality physics engines
○  Data agnostic and flexible– multi-user, multi-platform support
○  Spectacular photorealistic visuals