Focal Meditech BV is an independent Dutch manufacturer, importer, exporter and supplier of high end assistive technology. The Focal line of products involves: * High-end body support systems * Assistive robotics and social robotics * Feeding aids * Augmentative and Alternative Communication solutions * Environmental Control systems * Individual solutionsThe body support systems either assist in manually performing activities of daily living or passively support body structures. The systems that assist in performing manual tasks are various types of dynamic arm supports. These systems range from simple sling type arm supports till electronically powered and even sensor steered arm supports. Focal Meditech BV has its own design and production facilities . Focal is the proud importer and co-developer of the leading Personal Robot Jaco (Kinova) and manufacturer of Personal Robot Bridgit and importer of a line of outstanding other robot products for the handicapped like robot seal Paro.. Independent feeding and drinking is the task that many of our users perform the most frequently with our dynamic arm supports. However, we also manufacture a range of dedicated feeding aids. For the Dutch language area Focal further developed and markets the NovaChat Augmentative Communication devices which are leading in ease and speed of communication.Focal also provides a wide range of other specialised products. These products invariably involve complex mechanical or electro-mechanical aids, manufactured to suit individual needs.For a number of years the company has been importing and supplying modular headrest systems in the Netherlands. Nowadays the company develops and manufactures its own line of headsupport products. Especially worth mentioning is the leading modular headsupport Papillon, full produced in the Netherlands by Focal.