Flexible Robotic Environment, a Division of Bicommerce, LLC, is a South Dakota Limited Liability Company and US Government Contractor specializing in modular robotics. We provide Original Equipment Manufacturer’s and/or Original Equipment Manufacturer’s integrators with unique and patented robotic solutions by building a robot around an application instead of fitting an application within the robot’s working envelope. Our modular solutions help customer to shape their own working envelope according to specific needs\r\n\r\nFlexible Robotic Environment services high-technology industries such as: \r\n\r\n•Laser material additive Applications\r\n•Laser material subtractive Applications\r\n•Direct Write Applications\r\n•Cold Spray Systems\r\n•Jewelry Polishing Applications\r\n•Material Removal Applications\r\n•Ultrasound Modular Inspection Applications\r\n•Aircraft Substructure Drilling Applications