Flexible Automation, Inc. was started by Ed Osterholzer in 1983. They became North America’s first integrator for Epson Robots in 1984. In 2012, Ed’s son Andy purchased the company and took over day to day operations as the company President. Ed continues to play a valuable role as CEO. Flexible Automation, Inc., starting out with just 2 employees, today employs 55 people. Andy Osterholzer attributes their growth to 2 major factors; Creativity and Customer Focus. When it comes to creativity, Flexible Automation, Inc. takes great pride in solving difficult assembly problems and finding a solution that makes good financial sense for the customer. On any project unforeseen obstacles are inevitable, but Flexible Automation, Inc.’s creativity and tenacity always comes through in the end. Over the years, Flexible Automation, Inc.’s applications have consistently centered around small component assembly and testing. Being a Michigan based corporation, 80% of Flexible Automation, Inc.’s business is associated with the automotive industry. The remaining balance equates to 10% consumer based and 10% medical. Some of the core applications include vehicle cameras, vehicle climate control modules, transmission sub-assemblies, IV components, medical filters and much more.