Falcon UAV provides a turn key solution for surveying and mapping applications. In a single flight Falcon UAV can cover map between 1-2 square miles to less than 1 inch pixel resolution using our Sony NEX 7 24.1 MP DSLR mapping payload. Additional mapping capabilities include a 12.1 MP multispectral solution for vegetation stress indexing, and gimballed payloads for taking oblique photographs. After landing the imagery is collected and processed using Photoscan. Image products may be outputted in any number of datums and formats. Image products include geo-rectified mosaics, digital elevation models, point clouds, 3D models, and Google Earth KMZ files among many others. When combined with existing or new ground control points customers can achieve survey quality precision for much less than manned planes or helicopters can offer. While there are other unmanned mapping platforms, Falcon UAV provides a superior solution for the following reasons: The only multimission UAV (video as well as mapping payloads) in use by US law enforcement agencies for public safety applications The only multimission UAV with public safety flight approvals from the FAA Rugged all composite-aluminum structures versus foam flying wings Stable glider design for improved image quality versus foam flying wings Upgradeable modular payload design allows for incorporation of new and improved cameras versus platforms design around only one type of camera. Multiple current modular payloads – Sony NEX7 24.1MP DSLR Mapping Payload, Gimbaled Canon 12.1 MP Mapping Payload, 12.1 MP NDVI Vegetation Camera, Live day/IR Video Gimbal, GoPro Gimbal In flight mission updates and flight control capability (not available on some other mapping UAVs) All weather capable Backpack or ruggedized case portable Hand or Bungee launched (Does not require a rail launcher) Parachute recovery in rugged and constrained operations (operate in forests, canyons, etc) Longer flight endurance Lower cost Falcon UAV is an authorized reseller of Agisoft Photoscan photogrammetry software which provides users an organic capability for image processing. We prefer this solution as it allows you to run initial data out in the field to make sure that you have captured the required imagery before leaving the field. Then you can process the job on the highest settings at your convenience. In most cases the highest resolution image products are available to the customer in less than 24 hours. We also recommend Photoscan as it provides outputs in non-proprietary standard formats that can be used in all existing GIS, mapping, survey databases and software packages. If you would prefer to use an image processing service provider we would highly recommend DroneMapper as they provide the best value and provide the highest quality data of the known service providers. Falcon UAV mapping opportunities include: Agriculture (Multispectral imaging options available) Oil and Gas Mining Pipeline Monitoring Powerline Monitoring Wildlife Management County / City Planning Real Estate / Development Planning Disaster Response (Oil Spills / Flood Mapping / Fire Mapping) Insurance / Damage Assessement Law Enforcment / Military mission planning Research/Academia For additional information please review our Mapping Samples or Contact Us.