Excitron designs, manufactures and markets stepper motors, controllers, and integrated motor/controllers. We also offer many accessories to complete your design, from gears and leadscrews to power supllies and cables. We have high quality manufacturing facilities capable of assembling thousands of units. Controller/driver miniaturization is our strength, which gives you smoother motor operation. Others may state they use the most advanced components, but ask them why their units are so big, expensive, and consume large amounts of heat producing current. Only advanced surface mount parts with extended temperature specifications are used in our products. We pride ourselves in actually being state-of-the-art technically, to give you the best possible. This is proven by the extraordinary small package, resulting from extensive heat transfer and conductivity analysis. Our future growth path contains more novel electronic circuitry, such as elimination of all wires except for one–the +Vdc supply wire, and we are working on eliminating that also. This is very important for you because almost all field failures are due to connectors and wires, especially in any moving parts. Contact us at [email protected] or: Excitron Corporation 5311 Western Ave. #Q Boulder, Colorado USA 80301