We are the only company in Australia that specialise in Telepresence, Personal and Service robots. \r\n\r\nWe listen to your requirements, use case and ideas, and provide solid advice on which robot will best satisfy your needs and budget. Our most popular robots are:\r\n\r\n1) Double from Double Robotics www.doublerobotics.com , \r\n2) Kubi from Revolver Robotics www.revolverobotics.com , \r\n3) PadBot from InBot.cn www.padbot.com ,\r\n4) AMY from AMYRobotics www.amyrobotics.com,\r\n5) Sanbot from Qihan Technologies www.sanbot.com, \r\n\r\nor we can also advise on other robots that we don’t stock such as the Beam Pro and Beam+ from Suitabletech and the AMY robots from AMY Robotics.