Europe Technologies group’s development consist in three activity clusters and 7 subsidiaries: \r\n\r\n- Composite area : AIC & ETIM\r\n- Mechanical area : ORATECH INNOVATION & CRYOGENIC CONTAINMENT \r\n- Technology area : SONATS & SONIMAT & GEBE2 PRODUCTIQUE\r\n\r\n- US subsidiary : EMPOWERING TECHNOLOGIES\r\n\r\nSince the group’s creation we strive to master our processes and industrial know-how, from research & development to the industrialization stage.\r\n\r\nOur objective is to better meet your expectations: we develop synergies between each entites in order to reduce costs and to improve quality, innovation, global offer and reactivity.\r\n\r\nEurope Technologies’‚Äč subsidiaries own specific know-how, sometimes unique.\r\n\r\nComposite division:\r\n-\r\n-\r\n\r\nMechanical division\r\n-\r\n-\r\n-\r\n\r\nTechnology division:\r\n-\r\n-\r\n-\r\n-