Established in 1992 by Oceanographer, Dr. Sylvia Earle, DOER was founded on the premise of developing technology and innovative solutions for deep ocean exploration and research. The firm began with consulting and management of expeditions based on Earle’s years of world wide field experience. This quickly led to new business in developing integrated solutions for clients experiencing multi vendor equipment interface problems. It grew to include upgrade and modification of existing remotely operated and manned submersibles, especially in relation to retrofit of aging analog systems and new digital interfaces. In 1997, DOER was selected to provide support services for a five year project sponsored by the National Geographic Society. The Sustainable Seas Expeditions incorporated Deep Worker submersibles (, purpose built Remotely Operated Vehicles, advanced lighting and imaging systems and led DOER into the development of new techniques utilizing fiber optics. In 1999, DOER moved to a 5000 sq. ft. facility in the historic Alameda Marina which permitted further growth, especially in ROV development and custom built, application specific systems. Beginning that same year, DOER was contracted to design and build fiber optic systems for extreme linear tunnel penetrations. These innovative systems had interesting cross over applications for public safety, mine rescue and earthquake response personnel. In 2003, DOER completed a project involving the build and field support for fiber optic systems capable of providing real time data, life support information, communications, gas monitoring and other critical information through more than eight miles of subterranean tunnels. Development of a new, digital and fiber optic based remotely operated vehicle system began in 2002. DOER brought The Ocean Explorer Series to the marketplace resulting in the most advanced propulsion and control system available on vehicles of its class available. By December 2003, DOER’s growth necessitated relocation once again. Still within the Alameda Marina complex, the new facility is well suited to long term growth of the company. The 55,000 sq ft. facility includes two overhead XY cranes, a fresh water test tank, Deep Machine – a complete CNC machine shop, welding shop, fiber optics lab, electronics lab, and production assembly areas along with classroom/meeting rooms, and engineering and design offices. There is ready access to open water with the facility being located directly across the estuary from Coast Guard Island. DOER’s ability to make parts in house helps to control manufacturing costs and to ensure quality. In house software including Solid Works and Cosmos facilitates design and FEA testing/analysis. Customers include commercial diving contractors, construction firms, civil engineering firms, Hydro-electric facilities, insurance investigators, Law enforcement, fish & wildlife agencies, US Coast Guard, Navy, Army and Homeland Security, Universities, Scientific Institutions, Environmental firms, Biomedical firms, Public Aquariums, Explorers, Archeologists, Geologists, Natural History and film production companies. The core mission of DOER remains to promote ocean exploration and conservation. A portion of annual proceeds is allocated towards the upkeep of “Hank”, an Ocean Explorer system that DOER makes available at reduced lease rates for selected marine conservation, science, education, and exploration projects. DOER received recognition from the State of California Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Awards for meritorious contributions to environmental protection and resource conservation in the State of California.