Corecon, Inc. is an American based and operated company providing the material handling industry with quality Automatic Guided Vehicle Systems and support. Corecon was formed by a number of leading engineers from the Automatic Guided Vehicle industry in 1989. Several were involved in the design, manufacture and installation of the largest AGV system in North America at that time, located in Oshawa, Canada with over a thousand vehicles in the fleet. In the course of its growth, Corecon has moved to larger facilities several times in the western suburbs of Chicago. All design engineering, production, assembly and testing of the complete AGV system is done in Illinois. Corecons core competency and focus is factory automation and transport systems with Automated Guided Vehicles . Our 20+ years of experience has earned us more than thirty standard AGV designs with three product lines of AGVs. The Falcon, Eagle, and Patriot product lines provide material handling solutions for many industries. Many of our AGVs have a wide range of attachments with the ability to interchange design features between product classes which allow them to be used in a number of different industry applications. Corecon also specializes in custom and semi-custom AGV solutions for the special application that cannot benefit from adapting one or more of our standard designs. Based on solid engineering; quality, reliability, and durability are the signatures of our vehicles. Corecon also offers an industry first reconditioned vehicle program. These AGVs provide all the same features, benefits, and warranty as our new vehicles without long lead times for production and at a fraction of the cost. Corecons staff of seasoned AGV professionals include, sales, mechanical, electrical, and software engineers along with AGV assemblers, field service, installation, spare parts and repair personnel. Corecon AGVs and systems are designed to safely and reliably move product throughout any indoor facility. Corecon AGVs provide a consistent and efficient rate of product movement along with the responsiblity to track product while being transported by the AGV system. Corecon AGVs will increase your productivity and efficiencies while lowering your cost with less labor, and liability exposure. Corecons software and control systems used in our AGV applications include a unique user interface for easy and intuitive user-initiated changes and maintenance routines. Our years of custom integrated system installations means Corecon’s AGV systems will integrate and interface perfectly with existing processes and equipment. Utilizing either operator initiated calls or automated sensing, Corecon vehicles are designed to seamlessly interface with pick-up or drop-off locations and position the load accurately. Corecon AGVs and systems will position your product accurately, perform reliably, maintain accountability of product that is managed and transported by the AGV system, provide organization and a neat appearance of your facility , minimize product damage ,and will reduce your exposure of liability with our safe and reliable AGV system every day of the year.