COPAN Italia: Our collaboration with Microbiologists and effort to listen to the community’s needs, helped change the definition of the pre-analytical phase. We already knew that pre-analytic devices are essential to patient health and an improperly collected specimen could lead to an inaccurate diagnosis, so we passed this knowledge along by manufacturing quality products. Yet, we don’t just design and produce devices and send them on their way. The best products are as useless as the worst, if they’re in the hands of an uninformed individual. That’s why we the first step is making sure we provide the correct product for its intended use. Once that is established, we provide free instructional guides, videos and advice to our customers to ensure that they know how to use our products properly. COPAN Flock Technologies: Do we play a part in science education? Can our expertise, experience and knowledge improve life? At COPAN it’s easy to answer these questions with a decisive “yes” because we are commitment to patient care. We have worked hard to forge a strong partnership with the scientific community in order to support research, educational and collaborative initiatives. COPAN NewLab: Innovation springs from personal interaction. It’s this belief that had led to our collaboration with end-users both in pre- and post-development stages. We use these partnerships to improve our products and meet our customer’s needs. In addition, NewLab Engineering is open to taking part in scientific studies or publications.