Founded in 2009, Contineo Robotics LLC is focused on achieving improved improved injury prevention and rehabilitation outcomes through the application of dual-use technologies. Contineo (con-tin-nao) is a latin term meaning to hold, grasp, or contain. Continue Robots is improving the effectiveness and value of current and future mobile robots by creating grippers with human-like dexterity, control, and touch-based feedback. We help protect military personnel, first responders, and civilians by creating robotic solutions for dangerous problems, keeping more human operators out of harm’s way. We collaborate with manufacturers and academic institutions to develop and demonstrate a continuum of improved terminal devices. These range from two- and three-jaw grippers with jointed finders to increasingly refined, dexterous, human-like “hands”. Contineo Robotics is introducing new robotic manipulation technologies based upon fully integrated electromachanical motor drives that leap beyond the latest drive systems to make robotic joints perform more like an extension of the operator’s own body. All of our devices utilizes innovative control mechanisms to provide better responsiveness at a distance.