Cicero Bioinstrumentation provides a variety of custom Laboratory Automation Solutions using off-the-shelf and custom designed components for integrated solutions using laboratory equipment and instrumentation. Cicero Bioinstrumentation’s custom Laboratory Automation solutions include the use of SCARA and multi-axis robots for pick-and-place, laboratory test and measurement applications, as well as automated experiments. Cicero Bioinstrumentation can provide custom Test and Measurement solutions for laboratory automation, product development, and product testing. Such solutions combine test and measurement systems with computerized data acquisition and analysis software and hardware. Cicero Bioinstrumentation also has experience with designing methods for automating either all or part of some of the most difficult assays. Such designs include computer controlled liquid handling, pipetting, and integration to other stand alone laboratory instrumentation. Cicero Bioinstrumentation provides a variety of Information System Solutions that cover servers for data storage to database interfacing with laboratory equipment.