CEIT Group (Central European Institute of Technology) is an innovative group with a strong focus on research and development that brings practical solutions to promote competitiveness, efficiency and prosperity of industrial and non-industrial partners with a real application in practice. Provides solutions in the following areas: product innovation, technological innovation, process innovation, industrial automation, material innovation and biomedical engineering. The ambition of our Institute is to provide comprehensive services throughout the product lifecycle – from development ideas, product design itself (product or service), process design, designed and simulation verification of the entire system, support for the implementation of the proposed solutions and more – continuous improvement.VALUEGroup CEIT Group is a commercial grouping that wants through achieving higher economic performance create conditions for fulfillment of its vision and achieving sustainable advice. In accordance with the mission, CEIT promotes the following values: – creativity and innovation, – entrepreneurship, – knowledge economy, – international cooperation, – quality of life.The new value of R & D of innovative solutions for our customers.OBJECTIVES – research and development in intelligent systems, – research and development in digital technology company, – research and development of technical systems, – proposal advanced manufacturing systems solutions, – research and design of logistics solutions, – companies motivation for growth investments in science, research and development, – transfer of knowledge potential of universities to industry, – keeping young, educated people in Central Europe, – employment growth, prosperity and quality of life.