CARTIF was founded in 1994 in the Industrial Engineering School of Valladolid University. At the beginning, it was known as Automation, Robotics and Manufacturing Technologies Centre, just with 20 researchers in its staff. Its first facilities were building in 1999, in the Boecillo Technology Park (Valladolid, Spain). The Center was created with the aim to serve as a bridge between the academic institution and the business world, helping companies to advance technologically to achieve high levels of innovation and productivity and to start pioneering areas of research, being able to transfer this technology to companies. In 2005, the Centre changed its legal status from association to foundation, and wided its facilities with a second build. During these years, the Center further professionalized its business through its Strategic Plans. All with the goal of the international planning of their activities and stay ahead of market requirements as a supplier of new technologies. In 2014 they were fulfilled 20 years of existence of CARTIF. These two decades of work got reflected in its figures. More than 1,100 projects carried out, a turnover of 145 M€, 400 direct jobs, 25 M€ invested in facilities and technology, more than 100 international projects carried out and an economic return for companies that exceeds 200 M€.