A pool of brands, one objective – to innovate the industry and maximize the result of our customers’ work, optimizing his production processes and his product quality and improving his environment, ensuring operator safety and environmental sustainability.\r\n\r\nBM Automation is the division of BM s.p.a. dealing with industrial automation, electrical plants and machine vision. BM Automation operates worldwide in the steel sector, tube manufacturing, pulp and paper, oil and gas and energy production.\r\n\r\nBM Greenpower is the division of BM s.p.a. dealing with renewable energy| it manufactures equipment for the production of electricity from photovoltaic, hydroelectric, wind and biomass sources.\r\n\r\nBM Engineering is the division of BM s.p.a. dealing with turnkey projects as an EPC Contractor for large installations in the industrial sector and as a partner for financial bridging solutions.\r\n\r\nPolytec S.r.l. manufactures robotic systems for heavy industrial processes, providing complete robotic cells for steelworks, rolling mills, mini mills, tube mills. Thank to the synergy with BM Automation, Polytec provides and integrates the robotic systems as well in new plants as in existing plants.\r\n\r\nSoft Technologies S.r.l is the ideal partner for projects with a high technological content and bases its competitiveness on the high quality of services offered. It’s specialized in design and development of programs for PLC, PC supervision, special drives and embedded systems.\r\n\r\nHydroalp S.r.l. acts as EPC contractor offering the best technological and economic solutions for hydroelectric power plants, thanks to skills in engineering, construction and management of hydroelectric power plants.\r\n\r\nTecnerga s.r.l. operates as consultant for factories in industrial process optimization with great technological innovation and energy efficiency. Energy management, Green certifications, Development and construction of cogeneration and renewable energy production.