Established in the year 2010. It’s has its bases in Nellikuppam and Bangalore. The motive of our firm is to make aware the society for the easy use of embedded technologies and its real-time & day to day applications. Industrial mission: Bluetronics Inc. was formed aiming at providing lucid & customizable embedded solutions in the field of Low and Medium Level Automation, Consumer Electronics and Hardware and guidance support for Research and Development. It also provides support for Academic Institutions and Universities in training the students in the field of Embedded Linux, Open source Hardware, Embedded FOSS, Power Generation Tech, Automation and other On-Demand R&D Activities etc. Academic mission: It was formed in order to develop practical skills among budding engineers, so as to inculcate the practical knowledge in them. In view of making the students & staffs to experience a broad exposure to industries ,Factories and in R&D, We offers many sorts of edutools for the betterment of students and staffs, which includes presentations, seminars, workshops and Hands on training for Universities & colleges. Research Assistance for M.E, Ph.D will be provided on demand.