BMI works to incorporate as much intelligence into its conveyors, unit machines and controls as possible so you can focus your attention on more pressing issues. We have broken the intelligence down into various levels thinking through the best ways to place smart abilities and decision making. Administration – We’ve worked to create a system to allow easy access and thorough testing of screens. Engineering – BMI engineers realize that changes are inevitable and must be made quickly and without fail. We’ve achieved that goal for you. Maintenance – is a critical component to any successful production line. Our user screens, conveyor tests, control to turn the system on and off as well as adjust the speeds are the best in the industry and is regularly installed at our customer sites. Supervisor – You can easily and quickly make changes and adjustments to the recipe. Operator – Identifying a problem fast can save time, labor and production line expenses. You will be able to quickly uncover any malfunctions before it becomes an issue. Set up your screens to quickly notify the maintenance professional when and if a problem occurs. Our systems utilizes an open interface and is intuitive to all levels that need the system. Our systems are made for real time information that always is ready to report numbers and changes. You can be sure that BMI will provide the knowledge transfer needed for your company to be successful.