The Australian Research Centre for Aerospace Automation (ARCAA) is a world-leading Queensland University of Technology (QUT) research facility based in Brisbane, Australia.Here at ARCAA we conduct research into all aspects of aviation automation, with a specific focus on autonomous technologies which support more efficient and safer utilisation of airspace and the development of autonomous aircraft and on-board sensor systems for a wide range of commercial applications. We pride ourselves on the ability to transform leading edge research concepts to flight-tested reality.Currently, and into the future, the technologies being explored at ARCAA will be integrated into civilian manned and unmanned operations, and will be implemented across a variety of sectors including agriculture; mining and resources; emergency services; building and construction; energy and creative industries. The application of automation technologies will provide time and cost efficiencies to these sectors.We are currently the only Queensland university to hold a UAV Operators Certification (UOC) providing us with the unique ability to flight test research concepts and to continue to collect valuable data during flight testing operations.With project partners including CSIRO, Boeing, CRC Spatial Information, Ergon, Insitu Pacific, Thales, CASA and CRC Plant Biosecurity, ARCAA is known for its high quality research and its ability to take leading edge research concepts from paper based concepts to flight-tested reality.ARCAA is also one of the organisers for the UAV Challenge, an annual event promoting the civilian use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for search and rescue applications.