In 1980, Aurotek Took Its First Step in Taiwan\r\n\r\nFor three decades, Aurotek upholds its reputation and work spirit for sharing high-tech industry experiences, delivering high value-added services and solutions, and helping customers achieve greater value through its introduction of advanced and quality components, acquirement of new technology concepts, and constant pursuit of excellence in industrial design.\r\n\r\nYour One-Stop Solution Provider \r\n\r\nFrom self-lubricated parts, transmissions, power transmissions, drive systems, to controllers and robotics for PCB, SMT, LCD, optical, solar and semiconductor equipment to architectural applications/designs for window operators, seismic isolation systems, and anti-earthquake devices, Aurotek offers not only the products but also a potent concept that can improve design efficiency, which in turn benefits both designers and users.\r\n\r\nGlobal View\r\n\r\nAurotek is a public listing company in Taiwan Stock Exchange. Founded in Taiwan, Aurotek has expanded its reach to the global marketplace through years of dedicated work. Aurotek strives at playing the vital role in the supply chain of its suppliers and customers. Aurotek has setup oversea offices, plants and subsidiaries in Japan, China and Thailand to serve international customers in a real-time and near-site basis. In addition, Aurotek is actively seeking to expand into new oversea location in response to market demand.