Applied Robotics has been building special purpose automation machine systems for some 20 years now and have to date installed well over 350 systems worldwide. All of these are full turnkey systems – engineered from concept through mechanical design, electrical controls and software, and built, installed and commissioned by our own engineering team. Our clients appreciate this full in-house capability as it means they always have instant and first priority access to both the mechanical and software engineers who designed the system should problems or the need for modifications for product variations arise over time. Our operations comprise two Companies – Applied Robotics and Apparel Robotics – with Apparel Robotics focusing on Automation for the Clothing and Textile industries and Applied Robotics in general manufacturing. Apparel Robotics, through its ground breaking innovations in the early years has developed an international reputation for its R&D achievements in its area of expertise. It is this “toolbox” of techniques and know-how that has underpinned Applied Robotics’ continuing success in tackling automation tasks with difficult workpieces. Applied Robotics is arguably the Australian leader in leading edge applications, with a significant R&D portfolio at any time and holding many patents developed for our Clients.