Applied Machine Intelligence Ltd is focused on developing functional robots which can help people in their everyday life. The first two sectors we are working in are “Educational robotics” and “Personal robotics”, we are also looking to enter the Entertainment and Service robot sectors. For Educational and Personal robotics we have the ALTAIR EZ:2 (modular) robot series with it’s advanced speech recognition and NLP (natural language processing) making human/robot communication and control so much easier and natural. Vision (in our opinion) is the key though, and this is why we are putting so much effort into the ALTAIR face/object and eye tracking engines With vision we do not need the structured environment that made robots so impractical for the home market previously, they can now do useful work. We believe that there will be a substantial Global personal robotics market within the next 10 years and we certainly want to be an integral part of this. ABI Research, which provides in-depth analysis and quantitative forecasting of emerging trends in global connectivity, in its market study titled “Personal Robotics” forecasts that the personal robotics market may grow to more than $19 billion in the year 2017.