APOLLO SEIKO is a technology based company that specializes in automated point soldering systems. We have dedicated our knowledge and competence during the past 47 years in the designing and development of automated soldering systems, setting the industry standard in this specialized technology. Apollo Seiko was founded in 1969 by George Kawaguchi. Mr. Kawaguchi identified a need to automate the labor intensive process of hand soldering. The goal for Apollo Seiko soldering was to increase output and quality by providing a repeatable robotic process. Since this time, Apollo Seiko has patented many advances in selective solder technology including iron tip design, solder feeding techniques and integrating Nitrogen to provide a low cost, lead free soldering solution for both robotic and hand soldering applications. Apollo Seiko soldering is a innovative company with branches all over the world. We provide tailormade solutions, each uniquely designed for specific solder requirements for our unique customers. Apollo Seiko soldering robots are specialised in high speed precision soldering to the highest standards. Because of our international network and over 45 years experience we can share our knowledge, deliver quickly our robots, parts, spare parts en provide back up for our customers. This makes Apollo Seiko a world leading company in innovation, robotic engineering and world wide support. Our customers acknowledge this by choosing our Apollo Seiko soldering robots for more than 45 years.