Apitronic Services is the major continuous supplier of quality honey bee venom in North America. Bee venom is collected yearly from apiaries around Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Over 6,500 bee colonies are available for venom collection in an area environmentally friendly to bees and beekeeping. The rich mixture of wild flowers and cultivated crops of Alfalfa and Clover ensure the collection of an outstanding quality of bee venom. Product quality has our highest priority. We consistently develop new collecting technologies, collector devices and bee venom therapy materials. Apitronic Services takes pride in announcing the introduction of the first microprocessor (computer) controlled 4th generation bee venom collector device . Developed over 14 years, it has been field tested for the last two. Beginning in 2002, all bee venom for the VeneX product line will be collected with this new, state of the art device. It was developed solely for our own use and is expected to improve the quality of our products. To ensure the proper use and handling of our products we provide free consultation and technical support to our clients on the products we sell . Shipping and handling fees and applicable taxes are extra.