Antenen Research offers an amazing selection of the highest quality, used Fanuc industrial robots. These Fanuc robots come to us from selected and preferred sources from around the globe and they pass through our mechanical and electrical rebuild areas where they are thoroughly tested before receiving new bearings, motors, drives, boards and cables as needed. After a complete lubrication they must pass another series of rigorous tests before they are ready to ship. They leave with a comprehensive one year warranty covering all electrical and mechanical parts. We offer refurbished/rebuilt industrial Fanuc robots and cells as solutions for a variety of industrial applications including thermal spraying, sealant application, welding, grinding/deburring, assembly, material handling and machine loading, for virtually every industry, Technological improvement in Fanuc robots is part of the reason Fanuc has increasingly become an industry leader. With the trend in automation away from fixed to flexible automation, we see that Fanuc Robotics is responding with models offering higher payloads and more flexibility to better compete and displace fixed automation. We are prepared to help companies and schools of all sizes. First time users as well as veteran robot users will find our experienced staff of skilled engineers, technicians and customer service reps ready to provide a full range of personalized assistance and unmatched added value for a rebuilt Fanuc robot purchased from Antenen Research. Whether you are looking for rebuilt, warranted Fanuc robots or a selection of “as is” robots, let Antenen Research be your first choice. You can search our inventory database for our currently available Fanuc industrial robots.