AnaFocus is a privately owned, pure-play supplier of standard off-the-shelf and customised high-performance, high-quality CMOS image-sensors and vision-sensors for the industrial, professional, scientific, medical and high-end surveillance markets.

AnaFocus key competence is the ability to develop Custom CMOS Image Sensors and one-chip-solutions combining:
High-sensitivity, low-noise pixels based on pinned photodiode technology; global and rolling shutter with linear and HDR sensing
Advanced analog front-end circuits for reading & digitizing the pixels at high-speed and with very low noise
Area and power efficient digital processors performing optical corrections (FPN correction, shading correction, defective-pixel correction, colour-processing…) on the images, in real-time, before being outputted through high-speed LVDS ports or conventional CMOS ports
Sophisticated control logic, such as on-chip microcontrollers that simplify the communication with the sensor and provide great flexibility