SIA Alpha Drone is where innovations and progress meet to create. We invent, design and manufacture UAVs and their parts for the most efficient and safe solutions! Rapidly growing company which operates in the specific sector of modern technologies: -with the unique product, highly elastic in application and open for modifications! -with undoubtable potential to take the leading position in the industrial market! -with self assure professional team! We are unique due to: -Invented and developed design of carbon parts, which is extremely durable and outstandingly light. -Unique invented stabilization mechanism, which is more advanced than analogue products on the world market. -UAV is able to operate in almost any weather conditions: medium-intensity rain, wind up to 12 m / s, fog, temperature changes from -25C to + 45C. -Double camera solution, which allows simultaneous inspection in multiple dimensions. -Easily foldable body and prime dimensions designed for maximum practical and fast application. -Fantastic transportation options to locations of hard reach. Our UAVs can be used to complete wide range of missions: • Search and Rescue operations; • Surveillance and public safety; • Overlooking places of natural/tech disasters; • Topography, mapping; • Inspection of building sights and engineered objects etc.