Aero Surveillance is developing and marketing on a global worldwide basis products and services derived from the integration of innovative airborne sensing technologies applied to manned and unmanned aircraft systems. Aero Surveillance leverages and combines knowledge in newly designed UAV platforms and advanced mission sensor technologies with the many years of experience our company has acquired in the development, commercialization and operation of airborne sensor processing technologies. Aero Surveillance primary mission is to offer state-of-the-art airborne surveillance solutions and services for a wide range of government and commercial applications. We are focused on designing and delivering innovative, reliable and easy to use solutions that will reduce our customers’ operating risks, potential or contingent liabilities and operating costs. Our overarching goal is to substantially improve infrastructure safety and integrity at affordable price points. By providing solutions designed for global markets, yet based on open and modular architectures, Aero Surveillance offers a full line of modular systems and platforms that can be adapted quickly and cost-effectively to specific countries and application requirements.