A-NSE is a French innovative company specialised in designing and producing airborne surveillance systems. The particularity of our systems is that they are installed on aerostats. We thus offer a variety of airships and tethered balloons adapted to aerial surveillance, with a detection range from 27 km to 215 km (covering a surface from 2000 kmu00b2 to 150000 kmu00b2). These systems can be used for various missions, civilian as military : – Maritime surveillance – Event protection – Motorway traffic monitoring – Border surveillance – Industrial site protection – Military camp surveillance – u2026 A-NSE offers its customers turnkey solutions. Our products are adapted in accordance with our customers requests. Our headquarters are located in Montrouge near Paris, and our manufacturing centre is located in Le Castellet Airport near Marseille. You can consult our product range on our website : http://www.a-nse.com. In the meantime do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information : [email protected]