Advanced Defense Technologies, Inc. (“ADTI”) develops new breakthrough technologies for military defense, EW, SATCOM, Homeland Security and Commercial wideband communications systems. ADTI has been recognized as one of the foremost innovators and has been awarded over a dozen DOD (US Army, Air Force, DARPA, MDA and Navy) SBIR Phase I and Phase II contracts. ADTI’s wideband phased array antenna technologies and the related products developed under a number of DOD contracts provide the leading edge solutions to the current issues of high cost, bandwidth limitations, severe system complexities, low efficiencies, large size, weight problems and extensive cooling requirements. ADTI’s new technologies are critical for the next generation defense and commercial antenna systems that are small in size, wideband, lower cost, higher efficiency, and lightweight with drastically reduced cooling requirements. ADTI also specializes in solving the unique problems through custom designs. With years of research and development, ADTI has become one of the foremost innovators and a small scale integrator of microwave and millimeter-wave subsystems and systems. The new patented (US Patent # 6,987,488) phased array technology and related subsystems have been proven to have applications in the next generation SATCOM, Phased Array Radars, Missile Seekers, Wide-band communications systems, UAV payload, EW systems and ISR airborne operational systems. The new phased array technology has the advantages of being more cost effective, reliable, smaller size, more efficient, and lightweight with significantly reduced cooling requirements. ADTI also specializes in providing custom made circuit designs, subsystems and RF antenna systems meeting the specific industry requirements. ADTI’s team and resources include highly talented engineers and scientists and their facility is equipped for advanced product design, analysis and implementation. Advanced Defense Technologies, Inc. is an approved small business by US Government: DUNS: 968185566 CAGE: 6EDE2, Current in CCR and ORCA.