AREXX Engineering was founded in 1993 by Aalt Rens and Marjon Roeten. During the years, the activities of the company have gradually changed. AREXX started off with the sales of tools and was specialized in gas soldering irons and “blue flame” gas torches, which were imported from the Far East (mainly from Taiwan). In 1994 we met our current partner in Taiwan, Mr. Jack Lai. One of his former jobs was export manager of the soldering tools company, the products which AREXX at that time imported into Europe. Aalt Rens and Jack Lai started a close cooperation from that time on, because they had similar ideas about developing new products. Over the years, this cooperation has proven to be very successful. In the meantime, the product range was extended with outdoor products, valve amplifiers and exclusive special tools and accessories like Ausman desoldering braid and ceramic adjustment screwdrivers. Some years ago, AREXX was the first to introduce educational robots (MOVIT robots) to Europe. In Asia and USA, these robots are broadly used for school projects. A little bit later, AREXX and Jack Lai set up the AREXX Intelligence Centre in China. The main purpose of this company is competitive Research & Development and Manufacturing activities. Chinese Engineers educated at the best China Universities doing their R&D job in close cooperation with our European engineers. The first new products developed and manufactured in the AREXX Intelligence Centre are already introduced into the market very succesfully. There is a big demand for these educational electronic kits and robots. The robots made by AREXX fit into the European (educational) market far better than for example the MOVIT robots or other robots developed in Asia which are generally developed for an “Asian mind”. The AREXX Intelligence Centre is the perfect combination of European R&D of products and Asian knowledge and efficiency of production. More than five years ago, AREXX established a close cooperation with one of its esteemed customers, Conrad Electronic GmbH in Germany, as far as developing and producing robotic products is concerned. The first result was the Robby RP5 robot, which was one of most advanced (educational) robots in the world. Recently, a close cooperation was started with DLR (the German Centre of Aviation and Aerospace Technology). AREXX produces the ASURO Robot which was developed by DLR. Both Robby RP5 and ASURO are very well sold already in Europe and have been a great success from the beginning. There is already a predecessor of the CCRP5 available, the RP6 Robot System with advanced capabilities. AREXX Engineering has the goal to develop, manufacture and sell electronic kits, electronic gadgets and robotics which are convenient, educational, favorably priced and lots of fun for schools and hobbyists. We also have products for professional usage.